"I’ve been doing this for 20+ years. I’ve seen failures and successes. I’ve also seen businesses poised for failure turn into successes when they started to listen to me." Michele Price

What You Need VS What You Think You Need

There’s an alarming difference in what businesses think they need for success and what they actually do need.

What you think you can use:

 1. The stock themes for your blog engine, or some freemium without the paid-for features;

 2. Your elevator pitch and product documentation as website copy; 

3. A quick look on your laptop how your site looks;

 4. A PayPal button;

 5. Your friends and family on Facebook who can forward your emails to their friends;

 6. A free Google Analytics account;

+1. another ping-pong table so the press can cover your office as the next cool hipster thing.

And when it doesn’t work, here’s what you think your successful competitors have:

1. A dedicated designer team;


2. Award-winning agency copywriters; 

3. A web development team for every platform that’s capable of accessing the internet;

 4. Expensive CRM systems;

 5. Legions of salespeople answering emails 24/7/365;

 6. Data scientists;

 +1. A contract signed with the Devil for their souls in exchange for customers.

But neither set is true. (Obviously.)

Here Is What You Actually Need

Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

(1)Effective Design

That guides prospects through the buying process.

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(2)Customized Messaging

That Cceates emotional impact..

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(3)Device Friendly

Showing your page no matter which device is in their hands.

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(4)Email Maketing

To enage and educate the rest..

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(5)Hybrid Solutions

Act as the command center for instantly converted leads.

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(6)Stats + Analytics

to see how your marketing asests trend over time.

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She outperformed my expectations by bringing almost every big technology player in one of America’s largest cities [...], as well as created an everlasting tradition.” (Kim Evans, Blue Lance)

Design Attracts...


Be honest with yourself: how much time do you spend on a website before you decide whether it’s worth your time? 5 seconds? 8?

The latter is the average, as reported by nearly if not all researchers. Our attention span is fleeting because there’s too much information that needs evaluation.

That’s where effective design comes in.

In that 5-8 seconds a well-designed website or advertisement can grab the viewer’s attention and fade out all other competing signals.

I know what you’re thinking: “I have a UX guy, he does exactly this thing.” But does he really?

Designing for marketing impact is different from making a product enjoyable to use for the long term. Similar, but distinctively different.

On the other hand you don’t need to over-invest in a design firm either. There are a number of core principles and a ton of helpful tips and hacks that’ll get the job done.

Question is, do you have the time to spend on it?

“We appreciated how the strategy executed by Breakthrough Radio/GrowthHacking CMO and Michele helped us garner valuable attention at a highly visible event where we are not active sponsors.” (Ford, about SXSW)

… Copy Sells

Once you grabbed their attention, you need to keep it. And as riveting, I’m sure your product’s technical specifications are, that just won’t cut it.

There’s a reason Bob Dylan got the Nobel Prize in literature and not you. I’m sure your teenage poems were… honest. But they weren’t great.

Nobody knows your product like you do. Like a teenager in love, you’re obsessed with it. And that’s good. It’s where your groove’s at, and it’ll help you close sales.

But your market doesn’t know you. They’ll see your love as confusing, and perhaps amateurish. You need someone who can take the same words you have and put them in the order that makes them stand out.

The Bob Dylan to your high school love poems.

“Michele is making communicating well an integral part of who she is, and she excels at every aspect of that task. I recommend her without hesitation.” (Louis Colombus, Plex Systems)

Making Lead Generation Plug-and-Play

When I created this product, I had two goals but aimed the same thing: scalability.

I want YOU to be able to scale your lead generation fast, because that’s where you’re the most vulnerable. And I wanted to scale my own business in a way that doesn’t take away from the depth I normally focus on.

You can get great landing pages from a lot of places. And you can get great email campaigns from a lot of *other* places. The thing is, though, that they work *together*.

To make lead generation truly plug-and-play, you need all these components in one package.

75% Complete

“Growth Hacking CMO is what I refer to as a marketing *stack* which includes a suite of services to help us connect and build trust with our clients.” (Yared Akalou)

Being There

Say you’ve put in your email, and I did my thing. It doesn’t end there.

I built this package to be sustainable instead of a one-hit-wonder. That’s why it’s not only a landing page — it also has email.

Don’t snark at email. It’s still the best way to convert people who didn’t say yes right away.

I have experience in marketing storytelling — in fact, I’ve built my business around it. Being able to map and predict where your customers will likely go is a big asset.

And the email campaign you get is also deeply rooted in that mindset. As a business you always have to look ahead, and make it easier for yourself to succeed.

When Ford asked me to do full-out publicity for them at SXSW they did because they knew I had the ability to grab and keep attention.

Putting the ‘Plug’ in Plug-and-Play

When I say plug-and-play, I mean it. Ok, maybe not the ‘play’ part literally, but the ‘plug’? Very much so.

Any marketing effort is worthless without the ability to measure results. To gather data and evaluate it.

And you don’t need to hire a legion of data scientists either. When you get the package, I’ll configure everything in a way that gives you actionable data.

Being compatible with the major analytics platforms is crucial to make smart decisions. And I take that very seriously.

I’ve built a radio show from an idea of one into a reach of five million. And I did that by paying attention to what people were telling me through the data we analyzed.

I’m Ready! Are You?

How are you feeling? Surprised? I understand.

There’s a reason I created this package for you: so you don’t have to worry about lead generation. Focus on what you good at, build your product.

I can kickstart your lead generation.

Putting your email in the form below is not a commitment. But there’s so much I can tell you that I just can’t fit on one page.

If, however, you have made up your mind, and want quick lead generation done for you, click on the BLUE button, and I’ll get you started.

Let’s do this!

I’ve been doing this for 20+ years. I’ve seen failures and successes. I’ve also seen businesses poised for failure turn into successes when they started to listen to me.

Which one will you be?