What is Pitch-A-Kid?

Pitch-A-Kid serves two purposes. 

  • It teaches kids about entrepreneurship.
  • It helps entrepreneurs refine their pitching skills.

Both are needed. Which one are you?

The Next Pitch-a-Kid is Saturday, January 27th, 2018 from 2-4 pm


Our Vision

To connect every kid around the world to entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

To teach kids entrepreneurship and help entrepreneurs communicate more effectively.

Our Values

  • Hire the best and take care of them
  • Constantly invest in innovation to create value
  • Give back and embrace the community
  • Think big and go bigger
  • Be financially savvy
  • Excellence is the only acceptable standard
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Having fun is critical to success

Who Benefits From a Pitch-a-Kid?

Entrepreneurs do!

What you get from participating in a Pitch-a-Kid is:

  • Honesty 

Kids will ask difficult questions that entrepreneurs need to be ready to answer before pitching to angel investors and VCs.

  • Unfiltered

The kids are not only welcome, but encouraged, to ask critical and challenging questions of the entrepreneurs.

  • Refinement

The honest and unfiltered feedback allows entrepreneurs to adjust their pitch before taking it to potential investors.

Pitch-a-Kid Prepares You For Accelerators and Angels

Pete Higgins, founding partner of Second Avenue Partners told The New York Times that "he invests when entrepreneurs can give simple explanations for complex subjects." 

More Importantly, Kids Benefit

What better way for an entrepreneur to refine a pitch than presenting to an unbiased, receptive, and inquisitive audience – kids. Pitch-a-Kid events put real entrepreneurs in front of kids to refine and practice their pitch before getting in front of angel investors and venture capitalists (VCs).

The kids experience the unique opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs, develop and expand their critical thinking skills, and learn how an idea comes to life in the business world.

What We Are Looking For Now

Those Who Recognize the Power of Pitch-a-Kid 

Are You an Entrepreneur, Educator, or Professional Group?


Hold your own Pitch-a-Kid at a startup accelerator or incubator in town for entrepreneurs and kids.


Have a Pitch-a-Kid at your school for a novel and entertaining event to raise funds for school needs.


Apply the Pitch-a-Kid methodology to help salespeople, scientists, doctoral candidates, engineers, and lawyers refine their communication style by practicing with kids.

Don’t wait, raise your hand on how you can benefit from Pitch-a-Kid.